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It fully supports the Joint UN-Arab League Envoy Kofi Annan and his six point plan in this regard. The EU has strongly urged the Syrian regime to change course implement the Annan plan including through a complete cessation of violence as of 12 April 2012. Speaking at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, he said that Iran’s tendency has been to postpone and delay talks with the international powers. According to a Commission report of 9 March 2012, EU nationals living in Member States of which they are not a national are still experiencing problems when attempting to vote in municipal elections. Only 10 % of the many such EU nationals use their right to vote or to stand as a candidate in municipal elections in the Member State in which they reside. After a recent visit to the European institutions in Brussels, a visitor picked up various brochures at an EU Info-Point with the aim of finding teaching material on the EU for schoolchildren.

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Otherwise, no direct involvement of the Commission or its officials in the Games is currently envisaged, and nor is the organisation of specific Olympic-related events. EU procurement is open equally to all entities registered in the EU and in third countries with which the EU has a bilateral or multilateral agreement. The contracts are awarded on the basis of the lowest price or the most economically advantageous tender.

In its Impact Assessment the European Commission services carefully examined the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to taxation of the financial sector and in particular analysed both the financial transactions tax and financial activities tax . The Danish proposal to replace the FTT with a bank-specific payroll tax broadly corresponds to such FAT. The aim is to identify any remaining obstacles in the concrete exercise of the electoral rights of the EU citizens in their Member State ATFX Forex Broker Review of residence and to promote activities aiming at increasing participation in the political life. For this purpose, the experience of the local authorities and the best practices put in place at local level are important to enhancing this right on the ground. In this respect, the Commission’s products containing general information about the EU, and in particular the publications addressed to young people, are gender-neutral Curricula and education materials are however national competences.

Member States have the obligation to transpose the directive into their national legislation by 6 April 2013 and the Commission will report to the European Parliament and Council on the implementation by 6 April 2015. In order to assist Member States with implementation, the Commission is setting up an Informal Contact Group. At the core of the Year there will be a centrally managed communication campaign delivering notably the opening and closing events, two thematic conferences, web presence and a downloadable communication toolbox. In addition, the Commission is mobilising relevant services and programmes and expects a high number of decentralised initiatives to be launched by various stakeholders, both within and outside the European institutions, using their own resources.

Therefore, the Commission is not in a position to comment on the fundamental rights issue raised by the Honourable Member. This impact assessment report, which will accompany the Commission proposal for the revision of the directive, will also assess the impact on the supply and on the level of voluntary occupational pensions. The Commission is well aware that occupational pension provision can be a cost-efficient way of helping to ensure adequate pensions for citizens and that such provision should be supported, particularly in the current economic, social and demographic context. As regards the processing of personal data, according to Article 8 of Directive 95/46/EC, Member States shall prohibit the processing of personal data revealing, among other things, ethnic origin. Such sensitive data may only be processed if a number of specific criteria are satisfied. The monitoring of the legality of data processing is the task of national data protection authorities, which are responsible for the supervision of the implementation of data protection legislation and the investigations necessary to ensure its correct application.

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In comparison to the current definition the term has been changed from ‘permanent pasture’ to ‘permanent grassland’ to better reflect the substance of the definition which covers also meadows. Regarding Free Trade Agreements , the Commission’s view is that binding commitments such as the ones contained in the FTA with Colombia and Peru are pivotal in ensuring socially cohesive economic development and the strengthening of democratic institutions, individual freedoms and the rule of law. Hence the importance of a successful conclusion of the ongoing consent procedure in Parliament. The EU General System of Preferences (GSP+) is subject to the ratification and effective implementation of 27 core conventions on human and labour rights, environmental standards and governance principles.

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Specifically, at least 25 countries maintain nationality laws that do not allow women to confer nationality on their children. The countries denying mothers this right are situated in the Middle East and North Africa , South Africa , Asia and America . The activities of the managing authorities in the Member States, including projects run by beneficiaries, are subject to monitoring and audit activity at the level of the Member State as well as by the EU authorities. The implementation of the project has so far been monitored by the implementation agency and a final spot check is scheduled for May 2012.


The question of the Honourable Member once again underlines the need for a rapid comprehensive settlement in Cyprus, which would be an effective remedy to the issue raised. The Commission has repeatedly called on the leaders of both communities in Cyprus to grasp the opportunity of the ongoing talks to reach a comprehensive settlement. The Commission regularly raises the issue of religion with the Turkish Cypriot community and will continue to take up this issue as appropriate, stressing the paramount importance Trading Solutions Provider: An xCritical Review of respecting the freedom of religion or belief. The members of the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology are asked to respect and adhere to a specific Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct regarding the Conflicts of Interest of the Governing Board members of the EIT, approved on 16 October 2008, was established to ensure that the Governing Board members act in the sole interests of the EIT, safeguarding its goals and mission, identity and coherence, in an independent way.

  • This would also allow for engaging local authorities, civil society and the public at large on the issue of voting rights, including the identification of further actions leading to a higher turnout.
  • There is a clear need for greater consumer protection with regard to these cosmetic products.
  • In recent years citizens have become increasingly distant from democratic institutions, particularly those related to the European project.
  • The latest derailment of a freight train that occurred last Thursday at Reus station , causing no injuries, brings the number of rail accidents in Catalonia during the current year to three.
  • If there are two aid applications in respect of the same parcel, it is up to the Member States responsible authorities to decide which of the applicant is eligible for the aid.
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There is no obligation to declare means of production in order to be eligible for direct payments. It is therefore possible, under the circumstances foreseen in Article 3, to be reimbursed for payments due under a contract with a listed person or entity before such persons or entities were listed. It would not be legal to provide compensation for dealings of natural or legal persons, entities or bodies after they have been listed. In July 2009 the Commission submitted to the European Parliament and to the Council a report on the experience gained from the application of the hygiene Regulations. According to Article 168 of the Treaty, access to medicines, including prices, and their inclusion into national schemes, is primarily Member States responsibility. The use of waste vegetable oil as a transport fuel is incentivised through the Renewable Energy directive RED, where the amount of biofuels produced from wastes and residues counts twice compared to other biofuels.

On 16 March, France introduced a temporary national ban on cultivation of the maize MON810, without waiting for the outcome of EFSA’s scientific assessment. Although the EU and India have repeatedly reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable development, the trade negotiations do not foresee a chapter on sustainable development. The EU does not have a position on this issue, which is the sole responsibility of the nations which are members of NATO. The issue of terrorist travel has been discussed regularly in the Council, notably at the meeting of 2‐3 December 2010 on the basis of a discussion paper by the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. State aid would not be needed to prevent carbon leakage, and the windfall profits for power producers would be reduced.

In 2010, the EU raised Ms Chen’s case again and indicated its concern at reports that Ms Chen had been forcibly injected with drugs. The EU asked China to clarify Ms Chen’s health condition and to clarify whether allegations of torture had been investigated. However, Member States are free to sign tax arrangements with third countries once those arrangements comply with EC law, including on non-discrimination and data protection. Furthermore, an EU‐US agreement could not be adopted without unanimous acceptance by Member States and this is unlikely for the reason explained in the first paragraph. The frequency with which hair straightening products containing excessive levels of formaldehyde are notified through the RAPEX system, and withdrawn from the market as they pose a serious risk, shows that the Member States are taking measures to protect consumers. As regards the situation in Greece, the Commission has been in regular dialogue with the Greek authorities concerning the recent reforms of the gambling regulations.

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Iran has to engage into meaningful discussions on concrete and practical confidence building measures in order to address the international community’s serious concerns on the nature of the Iranian nuclear programme, including concerning the possible development of military nuclear technology. The Commission drew attention to the importance which it attaches to the issue of statelessness in its communication of 18 November 2011 on The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. The communication noted, at page 17, that the EU should encourage non-EU countries to address the issue of stateless persons, who are a particularly vulnerable group, by taking measures to reduce statelessness. In this light, during human rights dialogues, the EU has called on a number of the countries whose laws have been identified by the UNHCR as giving rise to a risk of statelessness to amend these laws. The EU is willing to offer technical advice and assistance to third countries to this end.

Ocugen, for its part, is taking the vaccine through all the levels of U.S. regulatory approval, in return for 45% of the profits derived from the vaccine. Real-time last sale data for U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only. This notification was accompanied by scientific information.On 6 March the Commission replied to France that, based on a preliminary analysis of the provided scientific information, there was no basis to adopt an European Union emergency measure.

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The project led by the European Health and Fitness Association had partners based in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the UK and Switzerland. The annexed table shows the transposition of the single market legislation per Member State. In the internal market Scoreboard, it presented the best practices of certain Member States that could serve as an example. However, the process of adopting legislation is exclusively of Member States’ competence.

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The European External Action Service and the European Commission services are aware that concerns have been raised as to whether Supreme Decree No. 124 is compatible with ILO Convention No. 169. In recent months, officials in Santiago and Brussels have had extensive contacts on this matter with Chilean authorities, indigenous organisations and other stakeholders. The EU has consistently maintained that activities undertaken with EU funds must be in compliance with ILO Convention No. 169. However, according to Article 51 of the Charter, its provisions are addressed to the Member States only when they are implementing Union law. On the basis of the information provided by the Honourable Member, it does not appear that the matter concerning the legal status of religious communities is related to the implementation of Union law. In that matter it is thus for Member States alone to ensure that their obligations regarding fundamental rights — as resulting from their national legislation and international agreements — are respected.

The EU would be able to achieve its climate change commitments at a much lower cost for its citizens and industries. EU industries will lose output and jobs while global emissions increase — a situation often referred to as carbon leakage. This grim but realistic outcome is predicted on the artificial combination of emissions trading and electricity markets. Cost is added to the variable cost of coal power, all electricity in the market becomes more expensive. This is a serious problem for energy-intensive industries exposed to global markets because their production costs will increase, making them non-competitive.

On 1 March 2012, the Supreme Court ordered the Government to restore the ransacked Hindu temples, houses and shops to their original state, and to ensure the security of the affected Hindus and the arrest of the perpetrators. A special war crimes tribunal in Bangladesh is trying senior members of the Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami for their alleged involvement in atrocities perpetrated during the 1971 liberation war from Pakistan. It now appears that religious fundamentalist sentiment is being mobilised in order to put pressure on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the Awami League party to abandon the war crimes trial. This pressure has been manifested as an in increase in violence and discrimination directed mainly against religious minorities, especially Hindus, who are perceived by many Islamists in Bangladesh as being supporters of the Awami League and pro-India. Recently a number of Hindu temples were vandalised and torched, and Hindu businesses and private homes have been looted and ransacked in several parts of the country. Those allegedly responsible for orchestrating this violence are members of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing, Islami Chhatra Shibir.

Furthermore, through the invitation to indicate the personal data of Eastern European citizens, the website could jeopardise their safety and violate their right to personal data protection. The Commission actively monitors compliance with Colombia’s obligations under United Nations human rights conventions, during which the Commission and the European External Action Service had a bilateral dialogue with Colombia. This highlighted a number of positive developments, confirmed in recent reports of the relevant international monitoring bodies.

The project in question is therefore a revenue-generating one and only projects that support the quality of research facilities may be considered as a part of the Operational Programmes of the European Regional Development Fund. This project is also not eligible for co-financing under the second programme of Community Action in the field of health 2008‐2013. The funding of health facilities, such as infrastructure, remains the competence of the Member Legacy FX Broker Review States. In September 2011 Smile House in Milan was opened, the first centre in Italy for research into maxillofacial infantile congenital malformations. As certain mountainous areas are not appropriate for a safe-forced-landing in the case of engine failure, future rules require the use of multi-engine helicopters to overfly those areas. However, the provisions allow for some flexibility upon a safety assessment conducted by the operator concerned.

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