EN BREVE-Los acuerdos de Bankia y Caixabank aprueban la fusión de los dos bancos

He developed his career in Ferrovial, where he was CEO and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been a director of National Express Group, plc and Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios and chairman of Autopista del Sol Concesionaria Española. He is a member of the advisory board of the Instituto Benjamin Franklin at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares and the advisory board of Kearney. The business address of all the senior managers for these purposes is Paseo de la Castellana 189, Torre Bankia, 28046, Madrid. D) Study and report on plans and actions in relation to the effectiveness, reliability and robustness of technological systems and cybersecurity management.

acciones banckia

It has an active presence in the Spanish domestic market, distributing to the most important institutional customers in that market. It is a member of the MTS Spain trading platform, the Electronic System for Financial Assets Trading and the Official Market for Financial Options and Futures in Spain . Bankia and BMN both had a retail-banking focused business model and similar client profiles, which resulted in potential synergies from the reduction of duplicate costs, keeping the integration risk low. In addition, the Strategic Plan envisaged a possible increase in revenue generation, mainly in net interest income and fees, as the integration of BMN, the leading franchise in regions where Bankia had little presence, would provide a significant increase in scale and in the customer base in these areas. The technological integration of processes and transactions was completed on 19 March 2018.


Bonds, customer deposits were stable in the year (-0.2%), with a notable increase in the year in public sector deposits of €930 million (+16.4%) and growth in the more liquid, lower cost funds of the retail network , which increased by €5,955 million (+11.1%). Debt securities issued amounted to €18,680 at the end of 2019, with no significant change from the previous year (an increase of €320 million or +1.7%, due to new issues). Bankia enters into transactions with related parties in the ordinary course of its businesses. All the transactions entered into by the Group with its related parties were entered into on normal market terms. Except as described in section 5.3 above of this Universal Registration Document in relation to the plan for the merger by absorption of Bankia, S.A.

¿Qué es el riesgo de una acción común?

El riesgo es la probabilidad de que ocurra algún evento desfavorable, en este caso la probabilidad de que el precio de las acciones disminuya. El inversor asume este riesgo con la esperanza de obtener un rendimiento apreciable.

At 30 June 2020, digital channel sales accounted for 39.9% of total Group sales and 57.1%11 of clients operated through digital channels. This division is also tasked with defining, managing and implementing disposal plans and the liquidation of the Group’s investees and investment vehicles, as well as overseeing the ordinary and corporate management of the Group’s subsidiaries. average true range trading strategy over mudrex Its duties, in coordination with the business and innovation areas, include the responsible management of promoting, analysing and designing investment projects and to develop new businesses and partnerships in areas where the entity aims to strengthen its competitive position. It particularly focuses on digital businesses that can generate earnings for the entity.


The scope of the fee exemption was extended during the course of the year to include other customer groups. In May 2016 it was extended to all self-employed customers who paid their taxes or social security by direct debit through Bankia. In November 2016 the Bank launched the Cuenta ON account, which is completely free for customers who wish to interact with the Bank through digital channels.

  • The banking sector ended the second quarter of 2020 by reflecting the impact of the health crisis.
  • The members of the committee may extend proxies to other members.
  • Any Pillar II own resources add-on requirement that the ECB may impose on the Bank and/or the Group following an SREP will mean that the Bank and/or the Group must maintain capital levels that are above Pillar I minimum capital and combined capital buffer requirements.

E) Review any issue prospectuses or periodic financial information the Board is required to disclose to the markets and their supervisory bodies. D) An understanding of internal control mechanisms related to the financial i tested bollinger bands trading strategy 100 times reporting process. C) Experience in preparing, auditing, analysing or evaluating financial statements of a similar degree of complexity to those of the Company or in supervising one or more people engaged in such tasks.

Alantra advised Banco de Crédito e Inversiones on the acquisition of City National Bank of Florida

On 26 June 2020, the CNMV published an amendment to certain principles and recommendations included in the Code of Good Governance. Bankia intends to review and consider these amendments and will report on the degree of compliance with the revised Code, as required under article 540 of the LSC, in its next Annual Corporate Governance Report. None of the members of Bankia’s current Board of Directors has received any sums whatsoever in respect of remuneration for membership of Board committees, compensation or any other item. In any case, directors will notify the Board of Directors of any direct or indirect conflict which they themselves or persons related to them may have with the interests of the Company.

acciones banckia

The Committee will have a secretary and, optionally, a vice-secretary, who need not be directors and may be other than the secretary and vice-secretary of the Board of Directors. K) Verify that the Company’s risk reporting processes are appropriate for managing the risks taken and propose the improvements considered necessary in order to correct them. J) Make proposals to the Board of Directors for the assessment, monitoring and implementation of the instructions and recommendations issued by supervisory bodies in the exercise of their function and, where applicable, refer to the Board of Directors any proposals for actions to be taken, without neglecting to follow the instructions received.

BFA Tenedora Acciones Board Members (

At 31 December 2019, the Bank had a total of 3,069,522,105 circulating shares, with a face value each of €1.00. The fall in the number of circulating shares during the 2019 financial year was a result of a capital decrease carried out with a buy-back of own shares, described in section 8.1 above. At the date of this Universal Registration Document, the BFA-Bankia Group is subject to claims from a number of investors in hybrid instruments. Through these claims, some investors are claiming that certain terms of such hybrid instruments are abusive and are therefore seeking a nullity declaration. As of 30 June 2020, the maximum risk exposure in relation to this contingency amounted to €64 million, and BFA has already paid €4.2 million as a court deposit. Below is a list of the lawsuits that are ongoing against Bankia or its investee companies, and against BFA , which are outstanding or have ended during the 12 months prior to the date of this Universal Registration Document, and which may have or have had a significant impact on the Bank, or on the position or financial profitability of the Company or Group.

  • Apart from individual actions brought by specific customers, there is a proceeding derived from the exercise of a class action brought by the Association for the Défense of Consumers and Users of Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance Companies (“ADICAE”), currently pending resolution by the Supreme Court.
  • The current regulatory requirements, as well as potential new regulatory requirements, without prejudice to the easing measures taken by the competent bodies in the current context , could have an adverse effect on the Bankia Group’s activities and operations, and most particularly affect the ability of Bankia to distribute dividends or make discretionary payments.
  • Have increased and could continue to significantly increase the Group’s operating expenses and negatively affect its business model.
  • Calculated as the gross amount in books of NPLs, advances to customers, contingent liabilities and foreclosed assets over total gross loans and advances to customers , contingent liabilities and gross foreclosed assets .
  • The board of directors will be comprised of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 members.
  • The remuneration of directors will consist of a fixed periodic amount for attendance at meetings of the board of directors and its committees, without prejudice to reimbursement of the corresponding expenses.

In the case of usufruct of shares, status as a shareholder resides in the bare owner, but the usufructuary in all cases will have the right to the dividends declared by the Company during the usufruct. Exercise of the other shareholder rights corresponds to the bare owner. It is represented by a single series and class and a total three thousand sixty-nine million five hundred twenty two thousand one hundred five shares. The share capital is fixed at three thousand sixty-nine million five hundred twenty two thousand one hundred five euros (€3,069,522,105.00). Framework Agreement signed between Bankia and BFA in order to establish a general context of transparency and diligence in which to face the risks derived from any operations executed between them, formalised on 28 February 2014. Issuance of perpetual bonds, contingently convertible into ordinary Bankia shares, for €500 million, paid up on 19 September 2019, with a 6.375% coupon payable each quarter during the first 5 years.

She has extensive experience in banking, having served as internal auditor and controller with Santander Investment and in communication in listed companies. Ms. Blanco has served as general manager of Communication and External Relations at Gamesa and Ferrovial, chief of staff of the chairman of Hidrocantábrico and director and general manager of Vértice 360º. The Remuneration Committee will consult the chairman and, where appropriate, the CEO of the Company, especially in matters concerning executive directors and senior managers. D) Ensure the transparency of remuneration and the inclusion of information on directors’ remuneration in the annual directors’ remuneration report and annual corporate trading in the zone free summary by mark douglas governance report; and, to that end, submit to the Board any information that may be appropriate. C) Serve as a channel of communication between the Board of Directors and the auditors , assess the results of each audit and the management team’s response to the auditor’s recommendations and mediate in the event of disagreement between the auditors and the management team regarding the principles and criteria to be applied in preparing the financial statements. In particular, the Committee must ensure that the statutory auditor holds at least one meeting each year with the full Board of Directors to report on the work carried out and any changes in the Company’s accounting situation and risks.

In 2017, the most significant investment was the merger with BMN (see section 5.3 of the Registration Document). Section 5.4 below of this Registration Document contains a description of Bankia’s current Strategy Plan. On 15 March 2017, through a Material Disclosure, the FROB announced that its Governing Committee had decided that a merger of Bankia and BMN was the best strategy to optimise the capacity to recoup state aid in a future divestment process, calling on the two institutions to take whatever steps were required to implement the merger. The assets were transferred to SAREB for a net carrying amount of €27,579.2 million, €19,467 million of which related to assets belonging to Bankia and €8,112.2 million to assets belonging to BMN.

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